October 2010 – Port of Gävle, Sweden

April 19th, 2010 Posted in Forum

Demonstration of the stabilisation & solidification technology at a field test in Port of Gävle, Sweden, in October 2010

The stabilisation & solidification technology was demonstrated at a field test in Port of Gävle, Sweden, in October 2010. The number of participants far outnumbered the expected, about a hundred curious experts and stakeholders took part in the demonstration.

Facts: The Port of Gävle is expanding its business as a multi module logistic hub for trade in mid Sweden. In order to meet the future demand, the port is developing new port areas and dredging the fairways to enable deep draught ships. The dredging of the fairways is made in close cooperation with the National Maritime Administration. In order to manage about 1 million m3 of contaminated sediments the Portof Gävle is using the stabilisation and solidification technology. Thus enabling beneficial use of the contaminated sediments as base for new land, reducing use of natural resources and saving money compared to other handling alternatives.

One key issue of the demonstration at Port of Gävle is to modify and improve the process stabilization technology prior to the large scale works that will be performed in 2011 and 2012. In Port of Gävle the binder components cement, granulated blast furnace slag, and fly ash, is mixed into the dredged material. Prior to the demonstration extensive laboratory investigations have been performed including environmental (leaching) and geotechnical (strength) properties. As a part of WP6 in the project SMOCS these tests will be correlated to the properties achieved in full scale in order to propose more detailed design and construction criteria.

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