SMOCS: Aims, Outputs and Workpackages

In the Baltic Sea Regional project SMOCS
the problem of sustainable management
of contaminated sediments is addressed.
The aim of the project is to provide support for dredging actions all around the Baltic Sea.

The objective will be reached through the development of guidelines for management of contaminated sediments, including sustainability assessment practices and decision support regarding the handling alternatives as well as treatment technologies.

Outputs of the project:

  • Guideline comprising knowledge and practice regarding the handling alternatives for dredged sediments. It will cover disposal at sea and on land including beneficial use of dredged masses.
  • Tool-box of how to manage dredged sediments. It will include tools for the assessment of sustainability and a decision support tool to be used in different planning and application processes.
  • Support on feasible treatment options. Methods for capping and for beneficial use of stabilized contaminated sediments will be brought forward.
  • A durable network will be created for management of the dredged sediments. It will include: stakeholders such as maritime organisations, contractors, consultants, R&D performers and authorities on national and trans-national level.

SMOCS Work Packages

WP1: Project Management and Administration

WP2: Communication and Information

WP3: Sustainable assessment of handling alternatives

WP4: Investigation of contaminated sediments –situation and methods

WP5: New technologies – state-of-the-art and new potential

WP6: Verification and demonstration of technologies and solutions

WP7: Guideline and recommendations